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Wholesale Trade Company «Tradewise»
specializes in the comprehensive equipment of sports facilities. We are ready to supply all the necessary products for equipping any sports facility. Working with a single vendor significantly speeds up the project implementation and reduces costs.
A constantly updated range of products from leading manufacturers:
  • Equipment for team sports: football, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, etc.
    Equipment for team sports:football, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, etc.
    • gates;
    • racks and trusses;
    • nets;
    • protective covers;
    • equipment for referees' areas;
    • protective tunnels;
    • subs' benches;
    • mobile spectator areas, etc.
  • Equipment for athletics
    Equipment for athletics
    • hurdles;
    • racks and landing areas;
    • protective nets for throwing;
    • refereeing equipment;
    • equipment for sports halls.
  • Equipment for gymnastics
    Equipment for gymnastics
    • mats;
    • protective covers;
    • floor carpets for rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Equipment for other sports ( tennis, martial arts, etc.)
    Equipment for other sports ( tennis, martial arts, etc.)
    • floor coverings;
    • protective structures;
    • metal-plastic equipment for competitions.
  • Arrangement of seats
    Arrangement of seats
    • stadium plastic seats;
    • VIP-chairs (including heated ones);
    • folding chairs for transforming arenas;
    • stands: telescopic, mobile, prefabricated and balcony-type;
    • benches for subs, coaches and judges, etc.
  • Equipment for locker, renting and equipment storage
    Equipment for locker, renting and equipment storage
    • lockers and benches for locker rooms made of various materials;
    • shelves, cabinets and racks for storage.
  • Other sports equipment
    Other sports equipment
    • floor coverings of any kind (from parquet to rubber and gum elastic);
    • equipment for additional furnishing sports halls (protective mats on walls and columns, separation systems, assembly towers, podiums, etc.);
    • equipment for the construction of outdoor sports grounds.
Why it is beneficial to work with TRADEWISE OU:
We prioritize safety
Any sports facility should be safe for users — athletes and spectators. All the products we offer have been manufactured to the highest quality standards and passed all necessary certification.
Wide range
We work with leading manufacturers of sports equipment and are ready to select the optimal solution for the budget and individual tasks of our customers.
Contact details:
Estonia, Virna tn 6, Muuga küla, Viimsi vald, Harju maakond, 74004
+372 66 13 076
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